'Cow' should be declared as national animal, says Jamiat Ulema-i- Hind president

Maulana Syed Arshad Madani expressed concern over the "atmosphere of fear" following attacks by cow vigilantes

The government should consider declaring the cow as the national animal, Jamiat Ulema-i- Hind president Maulana Syed Arshad Madani suggested as he expressed concern over the “atmosphere of fear” following attacks by gau rakshaks. “The government should give national animal status to the cow and we will support it,” Madani said.

The country has witnessed many incidents of violence by cow vigilantes, he said. “These gau rakshaks are exploiting religion to loot and murder people. We respect the religious sentiments of our Hindu brethren but no one can be allowed to take law and order into their own hands,” he said.

He urged the government to bring a cow protection law that will protect cows so that people’s lives can also be saved.

Referring to the issue of triple talaq that will be discussed in the Supreme Court today, he said it was a “religious matter and could have only a religious solution”. “If the Supreme Court comes out with such an acceptable solution, we will welcome it,” he said.

The top court, he added, should ask the ulemas or Islamic scholars, to discuss its objections and come out with solutions before direct intervention in the matter. “… the court should give a chance to the ulemas to discuss and sort out its objections over triple talaq. Then they (Supreme Court) may consider those solutions and give judgement. Such a judgement based on religious interpretation will be acceptable to us,” he added.

The matter was being “blown out of proportion” by the media and now even the Supreme Court was inclined to intervene in it, Madani said. “The way triple talaq is being talked about these days, it appears as though there are divorced women in every household and each Muslim man has four wives.”

The Islamic law gives 14 rights to a married woman who can seek talaq if she feels any of these rights are infringed upon by her husband.