Confused about the responsibilities of Delhi govt and MCD? Here's a quick explainer

We have often been confused about the duties of the Delhi govt and the MCD. Here's a quick breakdown of their responsibilities to help you understand

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi elections (MCD) is all set of be held on April 23. The result will be announced on April 26. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had promised to give the national capital a complete makeover and make it look like London in a years time. In 2012, BJP emerged as the single largest party to win the MCD polls. However, we have often witnessed both MCD and Delhi government passing the buck and ducking from responsibilities.

Kejriwal was quick to blame the MCD when pollution hit the national capital and during the Chikungunya, Dengue outbreak. An AAP member recently released a video where he claimed that opposed to the popular notion, cleaning the streets of Delhi was not the ruling AAP government’s responsibility but MCD’s responsibility. He urged to express their anguish on the right people.


While it is quite possible for the responsibilities of Delhi government and MCD to overlap, here’s a quick breakdown of their duties and responsibilities that may help you understand who is answerable for what:

The MCD which is divided into the main regions: East DMC, North DMC, South DMC is headed by a Mayor. Coming to the responsibilities, MCD is responsible for providing health care facilities and make sure to take steps that would prevent the spread of diseases. They are supposed to ensure water supply, manage the drainage system, conserve the parks and the parking lots. They are also responsible for street lighting. They also collect property tax and professional tax.  Most importantly, it is the MCD who is responsible for maintaining the roads, construction of roads and bridges. The Engineering Department which falls under the MCD is responsible keeping the public toilets clean. It is the MCD who is responsible for the solid-waste management in other words sanitation and disposal of waste comes under the MCD.

While the MCD is responsible for supporting the primary schools,  the Delhi government responsible for higher and secondary schools. While MCD is expected to ensure that the roads and drains are clean, Delhi government is responsible for the roads that are wider than 60 feet. It is the Delhi government who collects the value added tax along with drafting the budget of the state.

As far as transportation is concerned Delhi government is supposed to take care of the larger vehicles including buses, MCD is responsible for small vehicles that include cycle rickshaws. MCD is also responsible for smaller dispensaries and hospitals, whereas Delhi government takes care of bigger hospitals and mohalla clinics.

Not so clueless anymore are you?