Outraged at JNU's "Don't vomit" notice? Worry not. It's Fake!

A picture of a JNU notice stating that girls are not allowed to vomit had gone viral on Facebook on Thursday.

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has become the talk of the town once again, thanks to a bizarre notice, reportedly issued by the Warden Committee of Koyna Hostel. The notice reportedly prohibits female students from vomiting in the hostel premises!

Dated August 2, 2016, the notice has created a buzz ever since it surfaced online on Thursday. According to it, vomiting in the hostel corridors as well as “anywhere else in the hostel premises” has been “strictly prohibited”.
However, hostellers denied the reports while talking to InUth, and claimed that neither the students, nor the guards have any clear idea about the notice.

As per the protocol, issued notices are pinned to the notice boards in the common areas and mess. However, students denied seeing any such notice in the above mentioned areas. Another prominent missing detail in the notice is the warden’s signature. Unlike most notices issued at JNU, this one doesn’t bear the warden’s signature or a stamp in the end.

Despite facing several issues regarding hot water facilities and the mess food, students at Koyna Hostel claim that the warden would never issue such an absurd notice.

Though the authenticity of the notice remains questionable, it has evoked mixed responses among students. While some find it absolutely outrageous, others took it in jest, considering it a prank.