Karnataka ABVP activist commits suicide; FIR lodged against 12 NSUI activists

Saurabh Sharma, Former JNUSU joint-secretary has expressed his disappointment over the way media reported Abhishek's suicide

JCBM student and ABVP activist Abhishek Kumar committed suicide two days back, after an NSUI activist alleged filed a fake against him.

The suicide note written in Kannada stated that Abhishek’s dreams have been shattered because of the fake FIR. The letter also stated that he was tired emotionally, and that’s why he took the extreme step.

Vinay Vidre, ABVP’s General Secretary, said that the final-year B.Com student was harassed mentally and was pressurised by the opposing party.

It all started on January 7, when Abhishek had organised an a political event Yojanama to express his gratitude to the Indian soldiers for their bravery at Pathankot, Umri, and Parampore. The speaker at the event was the renowned columnist Chakravarti Sulibele. The event received severe opposition from NSUI, and attempts were made to disrupt the event.

NSUI activists lodged an alleged fake FIR later at the Singeri Police Station, claiming that Abhishek got physically violent with them.
“They faked the medical certificates… this is a conspiracy by the Block Congress President Nataraj” added Vidre. According to him, the NSUI activists were not able to digest the impact created by the event and they resorted to this act.

Vidre also informed that on the evening Abhishek and his friends were released from jail, he had an hour long telephonic conversation with an unknown person. The caller reportedly informer Abhishek that he won’t be able to bag any government job now and his future was ruined. Completely broken, Abhishek decided to hang himself to death.

ABVP Karnataka also claimed that no concrete action has been taken by the police. “They haven’t scrutinised the call details.” says Vidre adding that the FIRs were initially not being registered against all the twelve accused.

Saurabh Sharma, Former JNUSU joint-secretary also expressed solidarity for Abhishek on social media. He questioned the way mainstream media chose to ignore Abhishek’s death and not report it like they reported Rohit Vemula.

He also expressed his disappointment on the ideology-based politics which, according to him, is the main reason behind this unjust treatment.

“We (ABVP) stand for the students and do not discriminate between the left, right or communist. Student welfare and justice is imperative for us. What is happening now is unfortunate.” says Sharma.

He also added that the NSUI, which is the student ally of the Congress-led state government, has been partial towards the case to avoid any bad name to themselves.

Student movements have been facing the wrath of ideology based state politics for sometime now. Will justice be granted or dismissed as the “right” move, remains to be seen.