Ramjas Violence: ABVP accused of attacking journalists covering the protests

Journalists who were covering the protest were attacked, their DSLR cameras and spectacles were broken

A 2-day long seminar named ‘Culture Of Protest’ was canceled after some ABVP members protested violently over the participation of Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid. The ABVP members had allegedly thrown bricks and shouted slogans to cancel the event.

Today, a clash broke out between ABVP members and those of AISA during a protest carried out by AISA against the alleged vandalisation by ABVP members.

Former JNUSU Vice President Shehla Rashid alleged that she was dragged and beaten up by the opposition and her phone was completely broken.

The policemen allegedly denied providing protection to anyone and also warned the organisers that they will not be able to protect the participating members.

However, the “silent march” turned ugly when the students and journalists covering the seminar were attacked by the opposition.

Vishakh Unnikrishnan (Catch News), Taruni Kumar (The Quint), Heena Kausar (Hindustan Times) and Sauradeep Roy from Newsclick were attacked, their DSLR cameras and spectacles were broken.

The journalists also alleged that the police targeted them specifically.
“The police snatched our camera and beat us up even when we said we were reporters. The dragged us along the road. Many of us have suffered injuries because of this,” said Anant Awasthi, who is a reporter at The Quint.

In its latest press release, ABVP has blamed AISA and Umar Khalid for all the violence inside and outside the premises
” It’s a shame that the communists once again resorted to their cheap tactics based on creating media spectacle. These shameless creatures pelted stones at innocent audience in Ramjas college yesterday. They followed up by repeated acts of violence today. People like Umar Khalid are spearheading such mob violence which must be met with seriously by the police. Those involved in encouraging such violence should be booked immediately.”

While students claim that Section 144 has been imposed in Delhi University, North Campus, Delhi police has denied the reports. There were also the reports of students being detained and taken to different locations. Messages to stay safe and inside their houses especially for females are being circulated.

However, this is not the first time that media has been targeted. Earlier also, during march for Najeeb and
Rohit Vemula solidarity march, journalists were roughed up and their phones were broken.