BJP MLA's Idea Of A Joke Was To Help Men Kidnap Women Who Refuse Proposals

Not surprising in a country where 'rape jokes' are very common!

Indian politicians casually making sexist remarks or cracking rape jokes in public is neither uncommon nor surprising. So if an elected member of the legislative assembly publicly tells men that he’ll help them kidnap girls for perhaps by now, we should expect nothing less.

Ram Kadam, BJP MLA from Mumbai’s Ghatkopar constituency has raked up a controversy for his statements during a dahi handi event on Monday. In a video of him that has gone viral, Kadam is giving out his phone number to people and assuring them that they can call him anytime. In his bid to show that he’ll help out men who were rejected by girls, Kadam ‘jokes’ saying that he’ll help kidnap them.

“You can call me.. if you call me saying I have proposed a girl and need your help.. I will definitely help you.. I will call your parents and ask them…If they say they like that girl then… I will kidnap that girl and give it you.. now take my number,” he said, to which the crowd gave him an applause.

Here’s the video which was shared by NCP leader Jitendra Awhad:


Kadam’s comments sparked reactions on Twitter and many criticised the ruling party’s stand on safety of women





Ram Kadam, who was formerly with Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), holds a Guinness World Record for lighting the maximum number of candles at a single venue. While responding to the controversy, Kadam said that his statements have been ‘distorted’.