Bangalore Man Burns Wife Alive For Not Giving Birth To A Son

In case diabolical news like woman getting beaten up for turning off the wifi  and hostel warden strip searching girls for sanitary pads  wasn’t enough to make us look bad as a nation, we’ve got another piece of atrocity to add to the list. A 27-year-old woman was allegedly burnt alive by her husband for not giving birth to a baby boy.

According to a report in The Deccan Chronicle, the couple, Shashikumar and Veena, got married seven years ago and have two daughters. Veena’s parents said in an official statement-

Our daughter was complaining of harassment by Shashikumar over the last few years. But we ignored thinking that it was common between a husband and wife. We never thought it would take such an ugly turn.

The report states that Shashikumar had a fight with Veena over a male child on March 28. Post the fight, he poured petrol on Veena and burnt her alive. When confronted by the police, he said that Veena was burnt in an accidental fire. However, when Veena’s parents lodged a complaint accusing Shashikumar of murdering their daughter, the cops arrested Shashikumar for interrogation and he confessed to murdering his wife for failing to bear a boy child.