This Transman Took Part In Men's Body Building Competition & Got 2nd Prize

It was for the first time in India that a contestant from the trans community participated in the men's category.

For the past five years, Aryan Pasha, never skipped a gym day. Not even a single one. And it shows. On December 1, the 26-year-old lawyer from east Delhi became the first transman in India to participate in the Muscle Mania India competition and secure a second prize.

Aryan was body-building enthusiast since he joined his college. But he never took part in any body building competitions because he was unsure if his gender identity would allow him to do so. However, Aryan Pasha competed in the Men’s Physique (Short) category in the competition that was held in Delhi. It was for the first time in India that a contestant from the trans community participated in the men’s category. “I always wanted to participate in a competition. But I didn’t know that I would be allowed because of my identity. I am happy that I made it this time,” he told InUth.

Aryan had earlier applied for a body building competition in the United States but couldn’t get a visa. It was then when he decided to approach the organisers of Muscle Mania India competition. He was surprised to know they had no issues with his gender identity and allowed him to participate in the event.

Son of builder based in east Delhi’s Vivek Vihar, Naiyla Pasha transitioned at the age of 18 and became Aryan. He then decided to pursue his passion -bodybuilding. His family and close friends were fully supportive of his decision. But he credits his mother the most for being there for him.”It was his mother who was his pillar of strength. My mom was fully supportive about it. It was her who made me aware of everything about transitioning,” he said.

He now plans to compete in the International Body Building and Fitness Federation (IBFF) competition that is going to be held in Delhi in February. He will  compete in both the men and transmit categories.