Best of Arnab Goswami Craziyapa

Arnab Goswami inspired several spoofs and mashups while he was at helm of affairs as Newshour host.

Clad in a business suit and holding a pen in his hand (he hardly wrote anything), Arnab Goswami would be on a jet-set-go mode as soon as his daily Newshour show would be about to begin. Soon, guests on his show would be subjected to a volley of questions, mostly in a high-pitch tone by none other than the host who would go on to become a butt of many jokes in years to come.

Numerous jokes ranging from his voice tone to the average minute a panelist got to speak on his show, were regularly shared by people on various social media platforms. On Tuesday, Goswami resigned from his post as Times Now’s Editor-in-Chief after a decade-long stint with the news channel.

While you may agree or disagree with his style of interviewing and conducting live debates, it is baseless to deny that Goswami did not enjoy popularity. Leave aside memes, gifs and other social media trolls, the television anchor inspired several comedians to entertain people. Sample this.

This mashup video of Goswami chiding President Pranab Mukherjee’s son Abhijit for his dented-painted remark in response to the protests over December 16 gangrape went instantly viral.

Reincarnation as Arnub

While Goswami continued to instill fear among panelists through his hard-hitting questions on live television, his fictional namesake with a ‘U’ in his name amused the viewers mimicking his style . Played by IIT alumni Biswapati Sarkar, online entertainment channel The Viral Fever’s Arnub gained instant recognition.

The spoof video on clash between commercial film producers and art film-makers has so far generated more than 5 million views on YouTube. Soon, TVF also came up with a spoof on Frankly Speaking titled as ‘Barely Speaking as Arnub’. The talk show has witnessed guests like Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra.

This is not the only spoof about Goswami that has broken the internet. Another video mocking Arnab’s interview with Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi had gone viral, generating more than four lakh views on YouTube.