Are you from Kanpur? Then we bet you'll relate to these 10 words

Many words used by Kanpur people are way more complicated than their English counterparts. Here're 10 words, which every Kanpuriya will relate to.

Once known as Manchester of the East, Kanpur is still a big commercial hub in Uttar Pradesh. While it’s famous for its leather, the city is also infamous for its pollution, tobacco consumption, bad roads. But one thing stands out is the ‘unique language’ which Kanpurites use and can only be heard in this industrial town of UP.

Situated on the bank of holy river Ganga, Kanpur can easily be dubbed as a desi town with all the modern amenities. Even in movies, Kanpur has always been depicted as the land of crime or a place where people are hot-headed and can go to any extent if angry! Abuses, slangs, and strange language may sound awkward to many. However, for Kanpurites it is very normal.

Although Pan masala memes about Kanpur rule the Internet these days, there are many words used by Kanpurites which are way more complicated than their English counterparts. Here’s a list of few words, which every Kanpuriya will relate to.


Usage: Aisa kantaap maarenge tumko ki tippa kha kar giroge.


Usage: Aree apne Pandey bhaiya ka bhaukal hi alag hai.


Usage: Blue World theme park bahut hi chaukas jagaah hai.


Usgae: Himanshu bahut hi bada bakait hai, uski baat me aadha sach hi hota hai.


Usage: Zada khalifa na bano aur gaadi halke chalao.


Usage: Aisa hai zada bakloli na karo aur chup chaap apna kaam karo.


Usage: Exam ke pehle kuch ni padha, yeto badi labhed ki baat hogayi.


Usage: Hojaega college me admission, Mishra ji ka tagda pauwa hai vahan.


Usage: Aaj to Ravi ne Shashank ki chikayi le li.


Usage: Shukla ji bahut hi chiraand kisam ke insaan hain.

Note: If you are in crisis then you need to do what Saif Ali Khan’s character in Tashan says he needs to do in a crisis: “Mujhe akkalmand ban’na padega, khatarnaak ban’na padega, Kanpuriya ban’na padega (I will have to become clever. I will have to become dangerous. I will have to become a Kanpuriya).”