Indian-origin people getting fake threat calls of deportation in UK, says Sushma Swaraj

Such incidents have been earlier reported as being part of 'fake call centre crimes' or hate crimes

Union Minister Sushma Swaraj has become a twitter darling for her penchant to help distressed Indian citizens in foreign countries. The  61-year-old leader on Friday came to the aid of a woman living in London who informed the minister that she is receiving “fake calls” that threatens to deport her. The woman claimed that she received such a call from a phone number listed on the website of  UK Home Office.

Responding to the tweet, Swaraj said, “All such calls are fake. I am sending this to Indian High Commission in London to follow this up with the police.”

However, the first part of her tweet ( All such calls are fake) that made it sound like other Indians are also receiving such calls.

The woman further said that the phone call was “due to some crime (that) got reported in India” and that her employer confirmed with the Home Office that “the call was fake.” The woman also claimed that the caller “threatened” her saying they will “send police” to her address.

Such incidents have been earlier reported as being part of ‘fake call centre crimes’ or hate crimes. UK has witnessed a considerable rise in hate-related crime in London over the last year, The Independent reported. The Metropolitan Police statistics reveal a spike in almost all forms of hate-related crime, including incidents linked to disability, racial and homophobic motives, The Independent report added. The number of victims of religious and racist hate crime rose almost 20 percent, to 16,618, from 14,004, and victims of faith hate saw an 18 percent increase, to 2,000 from 1,699, within the same time period.

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