Apology isn't enough. Sumit Verma must be arrested. That's the law. Period

Reality check Sumit, you are a Pervert, not a Prankster. Forcing yourself on anyone is a crime that you need to be sent to jail for

Is there ever a limit to how obnoxious one can be? Is there a line between what a prank is what is molestation? Can people be blinded by the number of likes and shares on a social media post to such an extent that they cannot see the difference between what is what and what is wrong? Sumit Verma and several others like you, invasion of someone’s privacy is not a prank!

Many of you might have come across a video of a ‘serial kisser’ doing the rounds where the boy approaches girls, kisses them and runs away. In one of the videos, he even shoves away a boy who was with a girl and kisses her. And all of this he says is a PRANK!

Reality check Sumit, you are a Pervert, not a Prankster. Forcing yourself on anyone is a crime that you need to be sent to jail for.

Sumit has a youtube channel by the name of ‘The Crazy Sumit’. He has a team of people, useless like him, who wander with him in parks and on the roads and play what he calls ‘pranks’ on people. The videos posted on his Youtube page include ones where he snatches mobile phones from girls or hugs people sleeping in parks just to record their reaction. Sick, is the word.

What is more discouraging is that he has close to 1,55,000 followers on his page. Are those following him also hypocrites? At a time when there is massive outrage over incidents of molestation in Bengaluru or Delhi or elsewhere in the country, videos such as these are being shared widely by people! Just so these people know, if Sumit is wrong, those laughing and sharing it are no less than offenders.

So after the outrage over the kissing video, Mr Sumit Verma chose to apologise. One word that he repeatedly keeps saying in a video released by him is ‘Sorry’. He even went on to justify himself saying he always takes permission before approaching girls and even shows them where the camera is. “I have been entertaining you for so long. Such a thing will never happen again. I am sorry guys. Please keep supporting me,” he says.

But Sorry? Really? Do you think it’s enough to come on camera and apologise for the filth that you have been spreading? Well, we are sorry too. Some things are not pardonable. This is one of them.

Though he can be held guilty of assaulting or using criminal force against women, what is needed is a formal complaint by the women who faced the ‘prank’.

Only after these women approach the police with a formal complaint, the police can book the accused under section 509 of the Indian Penal Code which pertains to charges of outraging a woman’s modesty. Referred to as the Eve Teasing Section, section 509 is to protect the modesty and chastity of a woman. The accused can be booked if for uttering an objectionable word, any sound, a gesture or in any way exhibits any object or intrudes someone’s privacy.

However, the police have assured that they are tracking his IP address and are likely to corner him soon. Police officers also claim that “this kind of sexual perversion” is being done on social media for likes, online publicity and also some easy money.

He possibly might have taken inspiration from Prank Invasion, an American youtube channel, where a guy approaches a girl and asks her a few questions. As per earlier stated rules of the game, they kiss her if he is able to give the correct answer. It could well be staged. But what is a fact is that it has the consent of the girl and is portrayed as a game, not in a manner of demeaning the girl.

Men like Sumit need to be taught a lesson. Yes, brutally raping a girl is punishable. But these people who play with a woman’s psyche, need to be punished too. Women are not your property to play with. Do not be animals preying on a woman’s body. For God sake, it is not just a piece of flesh.