Andhra Village Bans Nighties Coz Women Wearing Anything Comfortable Is Uncomfortable

Village elders announced that women can't wear nightie on the streets between 7am and 7pm would be slapped with a fine of Rs 2,000

Though on one hand, the Indian nightgown is fast becoming a global fashion trend, on the other, a village considers it too inappropriate for women to wear during the day. Elderly men and women in Andhra Pradesh’s Thokalapalle village announced a ban on women wearing nighties during the daytime. According to them, it was “inconvenient” to see young women and girls going to nearby shops and village meetings in their nighties.

Six months ago, the village elders made an announcement over the loudspeaker that whoever was seen wearing a nightie on the streets between 7 am and 7 pm would be slapped with a fine of Rs 2,000. The only exception being those who suffer from ill-health. Additionally, they announced a reward of Rs 1,000 for those who report any violation of the ban.

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According to elders, they announced the ban under pressure from a few women who, though agreeing that nighties were more comfortable to wear, argued that it was “not appropriate” to wear them outside homes. They also argued that nighties were meant for night-time dressing and went against “Hindu culture”, adding that the younger women did not want to wear the more traditional sarees or half-sarees.

Though the local Tehsildar did not find any law and order problem due to the ‘nightie issue’ upon visiting the village, he has cautioned the villagers against imposing such bans as they do not have a legal standing and were unlawful.

Meanwhile, people on social media immediately called out the moral policing, with many asking why men aren’t banned from wearing lungis or roaming bare-chested:

There have been no complaints against the ban to the authorities so far and nobody has been penalised, as of yet.