Airtel Customer Says She Doesn't Trust 'Muslim Representative', Company's Response Triggers Outrage

Airtel offered a clarification after five hours.

A disgruntled Airtel customer’s complaint about a service engineer’s misbehaviour escalated quickly into religious profiling and discrimination, leaving many on the web appalled.

India’s major telecom company Bharti Airtel has come under fire after it initially succumbed to a user’s demand of a ‘Hindu’ customer service person. On Monday, a customer named Pooja Singh, posted a complaint about the company’s DTH customer service agents. When the social media representative, Shoiab, responded to her complaint, she made a communal remark against him and demanded a Hindu representative instead.

Here’s what she said:

But what really caught everyone’s attention was the fact that Airtel seemed to comply with her demands, and the next person to responded to her was Gaganjot, insead of Shoaib.

The episode triggered outrage across Twitter with many accusing Airtel of allowing bigotry and communal hatred.

Here are many strong reactions:

Airtel responded to the outrage five hours later and clarified that it doesn’t endorse discrimination based on religion.