Afraid of not being 'woke' enough? Here's a dummy's guide to help you

'Woke' has been added to the dictionary, but do you know what does 'being woke' mean?

In the swarm of hashtags #StayWoke and #ProudFeminist have started to steal the limelight, but how exactly do you stay woke?

What does it mean?
Think of “woke” as the inverse of “politically correct”. The Urban Dictionary explains that ‘being woke’ means ‘being aware… knowing what’s going on in the community (related to racism and social injustice)’

From understanding privilege to victim shaming, we list of Do’s and Don’ts for everyone who is aiming to be #Woke.

It is okay to feel guilty about your privileges, but you can have some consolation in the fact that you can’t really revoke them all in one day, so chill. It also includes debunking the whole overdose of masculinity from “men don’t cry” to the strong hetero-normative dialogue. And yes, being woke is not all about being a feminist, it is also about understanding discrimination. It involves class, caste and race too and is not just limited to the differences between gender. It is also about realizing that gender bias and harassment is not just a “Women’s Issue.” This also means that you need to have your guide to sexual health and gender-sensitivity ready at all times.

You can do your bit by just speaking up about gender biases at workplaces or just your living room would also do for starters. It would just give us fewer Arunabhs (from TVF) and Aziz Ansaris of our own. Your silence on casual sexism doesn’t work either. Don’t be afraid to get on the wrong side of your brotherhood, call out sexism when you see it. It is also about realizing that wearing the “WOKE Badge” implies you are done with prejudice, no matter where it comes from.

So, are you ready to shed off all judgements in your life and accept people for who they are? If the answer is yes, then yes, congratulations: YOU ARE WOKE!

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