ADHM screening will be a test for Devendra Fadnavis government

It's difficult to rein in an entire party of jobless people

When a film producer has to go to the police station to seek protection for his film, you know not everything is right with your country. But thankfully, we still live in a democracy.

Karan Johar’s controversial film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has been ensured full police protection. This comes in the face of Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena issuing threats after threats to multiplex owners. MNS has on record said that if the film is screened the glass doors will be broken.

This is coming from a party that after fielding over 200 candidates in the Maharashtra Assembly Elections they are able to win just one seat. Clearly, to remain relevant all Raj Thackeary can do is find soft targets.

Thackeray first targeted Paksitani actor Fawad Khan, whose presence in the film has led to the entire controversy,in the aftermath of increased tensions between India and Pakistan. He issued a 48-hour threat to the actor to leave India. However, as it turned out he was not even in India. So, there was no question of leaving India. It’s a different matter that he wouldn’t return to India owing to the Fatwa from MNS.

Then they issued personal threats to the film’s producer and director Karan Johar. One would have thought after several popular Pakistani actors including Fawad Khan condemned the attacks, the matter would have cooled down. However, there is not much the MNS has on its political plate right now So as the Hindi adage goes: “Khali diamaag shaitan ka ghar”, they resort to such attention seeking activities.

MNS has made attacking soft targets a way of politics and no one has ever been able to stop them.
Here are a few examples:

At a press conference the Mumbai Police said: “Mumbai Police is ready to give security to every theatre. This is Mumbai Police’s responsibility. We will give security and ensure that no one will break ”

Even Karan Johar issued a statement saying that he wouldn’t engage with talent from Pakistan. However, MNS issued fresh threats to Johar’s film. They are in no mood to let go the golden opportunity of scoring some political brownie points.

“Karan woke up very late. This is not the time to say sorry. He had a change of heart, we didn’t” Amey Khopkar, president of the MNS’s Chitrapat Karamchari Sena, told reporters.

It’s always difficult to rein in an entire party of jobless people.

It will be a big test for the Devendra Fadnavis government if it is able to provide protection to the film in the multiplexes despite such open threat from the MNS.