5 Ways To Style Your Swadeshi Patanjali's Jeans To Ensure Maximum Sanskaar

This Gandhi topi-jeans combo looks quite rad, TBH.

Baba Ramdev, whose current goal for the $1.6 billion Patanjali Ayurved is to take everything western, and repackage it as swadesi, will soon launch Paridhan, a clothesline. The brand will reportedly make everything from swadeshi bedsheet to swadeshi jeans, as per Patanjali MD and co-founder Acharya Balkrishna.

ICYMI: Paridhan jeans will be ‘loose’ as opposed to the soul-crushing skinny jeans misguided millennials favour nowadays.

The yoga guru, whose recent ventures into telecom (swadeshi sim) and social media messaging (swadeshi Whatsapp), were both hurriedly taken off the market, probably hopes fervently for at least this venture to take off.

“Our jeans for women will be loose so that they comply with Indian cultural norms and are also comfortable for them. Indian families will find our swadeshi jeans concept very comfortable,” said Acharya Balkrishna with no visible indication of whether his words were meant to be sarcastic.

A pair of jeans that comply with Indian cultural norms and will make Indian families ‘very comfortable’? Sounds more like the perfect child your family always wanted but never got.

Talking about the design, Acharya Balkrishna said: ” They (jeans currently in the market) are all based on designs and cultural patterns of foreign countries. These are not suited to Indian culture. Our jeans will be similar to many Indian clothes. This will make Indian women feel comfortable too.”

To help encourage and accelerate the creative process of this pair of jeans, we figured we need to do our bit to create a positive buzz around it. After all, it isn’t everyday that someone comes up with the idea of a garment that has more qualities than the average person.

Baba Ramdev hasn’t revealed what Paridhan jeans will look like, but we have an active imagination and free Photoshop, so here goes.

Five tips on how to style swadeshi jeans in the best possible swadeshi ways, to keep the sanskari meter looking good:

1. Swadeshi Ghoongat With Paridhan Jeans: Because badon ke saamne sar dhaka hona chahiye. 

2. Swadesh Saree With With Paridhan Jeans: Sonam Kapoor’s already managed to conquer this one, so why can’t you?

Credit: afashionistasdiaries/Instagram

3. Swadeshi Sherwani With Paridhan Jeans: Because it’s not a hit fashion accessory until it makes it to a North Indian wedding.

4. Swadeshi Mundu With Paridhan Jeans: Because what if you want to hike up the mundu, but don’t really want to get chilly?

Credit: SIIMA Awards 2017

5. Gandhi Topi With Paridhan Jeans: Because this is the only way to max out your sankaars. This is exactly what the swadeshi movement during the Independence struggle was leading up to.