13-Yr-Old Indian Boy Launches Software Company, Because Geniuses Start This Young Now

His company has three employees — his friends and Grade 11 and 12 students of his school

Looks like we have a new ‘Sharmaji ka beta’ in the house and he’s sure to give software geeks a run for their money. A 13-year-old Indian boy in Dubai has launched his own software company.

Aadithyan Rajesh was only nine when he developed his first mobile application as a way to beat boredom. Born in Thiruvilla, Kerala, Rajesh and his family moved to Dubai when he was five, and the youngster started showing interest in computers early on, as he did not have too many friends in the neighbourhood his family lived in. He told Khaleej Times:

“I was six years old and would spend a lot of time on YouTube reading cartoons and playing spelling bee games. I began to become fascinated with computers and technology.”

He started uploading mobile apps on an alternative marketplace for Android mobile applications known as Aptoide and also began designing logos and websites for clients. He also started showing interest in software, hardware as well as cyber-security. In December 2018, he launched Trinet Solutions and has a total of three employees, his friends, who’re grade 11 and 12 students from Rajesh’s school. Although, he realises he needs to be an adult to actually own the company.

“I need to be over the age of 18 to actually become an established company owner. However, we function like a company. We have worked with over 12 clients, and have given them our design and coding services entirely for free.”

As of now, he’s busy developing a class management app for his teachers in order to reduce their workload, and is also invested in running his YouTube channel ‘A Craze’. But when he turns 18, he plans to make his company multinational and start developing apps on the iOS platform.