11 words you will relate to only if you are from Lucknow

Change what may, Lucknow is always going to be synonymous with its Nawabi culture and how can we forget, its Tunde Kababs!

‘Muskuraiye ki aap Lucknow mein hai’. This is the first line that comes to your mind if you think of Lucknow. If you have lived in Lucknow or have even been there for just one day, you will know it’s not an exaggeration. The city which is preserving its heritage through Imambara and Chikan work is also trying its best to come at par with other tier 1 cities by making way for more jobs by building the IT hub and also bringing in the mall culture.

But change what may, the city is always going to be synonymous with its Nawabi culture and how can we forget, its Tunde Kababs!

If you are from Lucknow or have a friend who belongs to the city, you will certainly be able to relate to these words that you hear most often from them.

Pani ke batashe:
Any guesses what that is? If you have a friend from Lucknow, we bet you must have laughed at them at least once when you went to a chat shop with them and they ordered a plate of Pani ke batashe, a dish more commonly referred to as golgappa, puchka, pani puri in other parts of the country. A plate of pani ke batashe with basket chaat can make us go CRAZYYY!

Bhool Bhulaiya:
No we are not talking about the Akshay Kumar- Vidya Balan starrer. We are talking about a labyrinth of about a thousand passageways in Bada Imambara in Lucknow. The places are such that you will never be able to find your way out unless you have a guide with you. There are many scary stories associated with the bhool bhulaiya which makes the place more fascinating. Whether they are true or just fictions, one would never know!

Amaa Yar:
While the rest of India says Abe yar, Kya yaar, Lucknowites proudly say – Amaa Yaar to show how irritated they are or even just for fun. Try that the next time you need to call your friend. Trust us, it sounds very royal. 😉

What would you think if a person tells you to go ‘Ganjing’? If you are in Lucknow, Hazratganj is all the Grand Bazaar as well as the Lexington Market for them. Despite the malls that you have all around Hazratganj, Lucknowites will any day prefer a trip to this market instead of any hi-fi mall. Visit the place once to know what we mean.

While Hazratganj is the sophisticated market of the city, Aminabad is where you get all the things that you need at a discounted price. But in that huge market and the ‘tang galiya’ there is one market which anyone would know if they are fond of accessories – Gadbadjhala. Visit this market to get the best earrings, bracelets, and anklets at dirt cheap price. Just remember to bargain!

Tafri Karna
Only a person who has lived in Lucknow will say ‘tafri kar rahe the’ as casually as ‘mazaak kar rahe the’. Tafri, or casual fun, can be substituted easily in your day to day language. Try that once, and you are sure to get at least one strange look from someone in your group.

Kankauwe udana:
Take a guess what this is. Okay fine, take another chance. We bet you still don’t know what kankauve udana is. Now ask a Lucknowite what that is. Let us help you out. Kankauwe is what is commonly known as patang or kite and Kankauwe udana is, no points for guessing patang udana! Do ask people around now if they know what this is.

Tashreef rakhiye:
While people use ‘aaiye baithiye’ in Hindi or ‘esho bosho’ in Bengali, in Lucknow we take politeness to yet another level. We say ‘tashreef rakhiye’ while inviting people to sit next to us. Doesn’t it give you a royal feel?

Prakash Kulfi:
Yummm!! That’s the only adjective you have in mind when you think of Aminabad ki Falude wali Prakash Kulfi. No words can do justice to this piece of beauty that you have in your plate. You just have to try to believe this!

Sharma ji ki chai:
Have you been a student of Lucknow University? If yes, there is no way you would not have tried Sharma ji ki chai. A perfect hangout joint, take your bike, ask your friends, and just go to this place the next time it rains. Tip: Try it with bun maska, it can’t get any better.

And last but not the least – Hum. How many times have people asked you how many people are you bringing with you when you said: ‘Hum aa rahe hai’. As repetitive as it may be, people will not stop asking this question and neither will you stop saying ‘hum’. Keep the ‘hum’ and ‘aap’ coming!

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