Why Everyone Can't Stop Talking About Brad Pitt At This Year's Awards Season

It all began with Pitt's heartfelt speech at the Golden Globes, where he profusely thanked co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, adding he would've 'shared the raft'.

The world’s sexiest man alive, one half of the most glamorous celebrity couples to have ever walked the face of this earth… looks like ‘actor’ Brad Pitt is on a roll. Showered with multiple nominations for his role as Cliff Booth in Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood, Pitt has been adjudged the winner more than once during the awards season. The most recent being the SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) awards, where Pitt beat the likes of Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Jamie Foxx to pick up the Best Supporting Actor. As we’ve been seeing for the past month, Pitt had a rollicking time during the acceptance speech.

He riffs on his own less-than-attractive public persona since his separation with wife Angelina Jolie – “Let’s face it, it was a difficult part (Cliff Booth) – a guy who gets high, takes his shirt off and doesn’t get along with his wife…” – leaving the entire room laughing in disbelief including fellow actor & ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

“I would like to thank my co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Margot Robbie’s feet… Margaret Qualley’s feet…” Pitt said in his acceptance speech, touching upon his director Quentin Tarantino’s infamous foot fetish rumour, something the director himself made fun of in his latest film. “Quentin has separated more women from their shoes than the TSA (airport security)”, he adds with a I-got-you smile on his face.

Between a hilarious acceptance speech to him “stopping everything” to listen to Aniston’s acceptance speech for Best Drama Actress followed by their brief reunion backstage, Pitt was all everyone could talk about during the SAG awards evening. And it’s become a recurring phenomenon during the awards season. At the Critic’s Choice Awards (last week) Pitt slipped out a sincere thanks to Bradley Cooper for helping him with his drinking problem.

Only yesterday, Pitt joked about the name of his production company, Plan B. “We’ve been around it for 16 years and I have no regrets — other than sharing our name with an emergency contraceptive. Didn’t see that one coming” – Pitt said at the Producer’s Guild Awards. He has won three Oscars as a producer for The Departed, 12 Years A Slave and Moonlight.

It all began with Pitt’s heartfelt speech at the Golden Globes, where he profusely thanked his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, also adding he would’ve ‘shared the raft’ in Titanic‘s climax. After joking about why he didn’t bring his mother to the Golden Globes so as to not unnecessarily fan the flames around his ‘dating life’, Pitt capped his speech with “Hey! If you see a chance to be kind to someone, take it. I think we need it!”

This is the first awards season that he seems to be enjoying since Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys (1995), with his work in both Tarantino’s film and James Gray’s Ad Astra being widely appreciated.