What makes Esmeralda and Tarzan such badass characters

Animated movies are the best thing ever. These animated characters are funny, wild, crazy, weird (even devilish!) but always adorable. Let's find out more.

Let’s be real. Animated movies are the best thing that has happened to humankind. The stardust filled dreamland, scary wild forests to murky dungeons; these movies have left lasting imprints on our innocent minds through their vivid imagination and powerful messages, which is why we still love them as adults. What they have also given us are characters that are funny, wild, crazy, weird (even devilish!) but always adorable. We have dreamed their dreams, lived their lives and believed with them that this world is just a crazy ass roller coaster with a touch of sadness and lots of magic. So let the nostalgia begin, as we take a look at the most badass characters who are weird, wacky and downright amazing:

Esmeralda- The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Starting with the most underrated character of all times. This Gorgeous, dark-skinned gypsy woman is sheer perfection. Despite being a woman of low status, Esmeralda is gutsy enough to stand up against a man of high rank. In the society that prefers status and class, she questioned authority and refuses to be anything but herself. This sexy seductress is wild, badass and pure magic! If you haven’t watched Hunchback of Notre Dame, stop doing what you’re doing and trust me, WATCH IT!


Tarzan- Tarzan

When it comes to being heroic, this ape-man tops the charts. For starters, he lives in a jungle amidst animals. The way he climbs those vines, dives, and swings so perfectly — you certainly make believe that he is the ultimate Lord of the Apes. Just like every character he says, he’s different, but unlike them, he also adds, ‘I’m human’. He is the sexiest, most handsome ape-man you’ll know.

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You know what’s badass? A princess who does not wait for someone to rescue her. Merida is one such woman who is empowered to fight her own battles and creates a happy ending for herself. She refuses to be objectified, defies conventions and wins her own hand at marriage. Is Merida a feminist? Dang right, she is a feminist and amazing AF. Also, she is the best archer in town. Beat that!

Scar- The Lion King

This megalomaniac super villain will scare your brains out. He is vicious and he will do anything to get in power. This surely does get him on the badass list. Despite a villain, we love him for his complex character and undying passion. He is the best villain ever and can never go unnoticed, ever!


Maleficent- Sleeping Beauty

Can we take a moment and appreciate how sassy Maleficent is. Those horns, nails, and cheekbones- she’s just perfect. Of course, wicked too! She is beautiful and extremely terrifying at the same time. This badass mistress of evil does not let Princess Aurora steal the show. Maleficent is the scariest, wackiest and the most amazing witch we know!