Watch: Are Indians using the RTI Act to troll the govt? AIB's Tanmay Bhat, Gursimran Khamba explain

The amount of idiotic RTIs filed in the interest of trolling Indian authorities is too damn high!

Leave it to All India Bakchod to open your eyes about the Right To Information (RTI) Act. In the latest episode of On Air With AIB- Season 2, the Indian comedy group talked about how in times of distress, Indians chose to vent out at the government using RTI to their advantage.

Featuring Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba, the latest AIB production talks about people trolling authorities through the RTI in their popular segment Topical-ish. In 2016, a man from Mumbai had filed an RTI with an urgent query pertaining to “the readiness of our government in the event of invasion by aliens, zombies and extra-dimensional beings.” The RTI was filed last year and was dismissed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, for being a “hypothetical situation”.

That is not the end of it. Both comedians then went on to describe the inevitable repercussions of a zombie apocalypse in India. According to the duo, in case of such an event on one hand we would have a bunch of people praising PM Narendra Modi for bringing dead people back to life, and on the other fighting off a full blown zombie attack. Though TBF, the more religious of the zombies would prefer not to feast on human flesh on account of their innumerable fasts throughout the year.

AIB listed several other such unintelligent RTIs, including one from a Gujarati man questioning the Tamil Nadu Information Commission as he sought “eligible women” for marriage. It just makes you wonder: how jobless are we really?

Watch the full episode on Hotstar here.