Ragini MMS Returns trailer: Sex and horror aside, does this show have a transgender ghost?

The trailer of Ragini MMS Returns featuring Karishma Sharna in the lead role has been released and you should definitely watch it

Since 2011, the Ragini MMS has managed to intrigue everyone. It all started in 2011 when Ragini MMS released, which captured Rajkummar Rao and his on-screen girlfriend on a dirty weekend, where they witness eerie happenings. Then came Ragini MMS 2 in 2014 starring Sunny Leone which added more sex factor to the horror, thus introducing erotic horror genre. And now the third installment is already creating a stir. Titled, Ragini MMS Returns, this one is a web-series starring Riya Sen, and whose trailer released a while ago. Staying true to the erotic horror genre, this one too has a lot of sex and spookiness to it, but what caught our attention was the fact that the ghost might be a transgender.

Ragini MMS Returns is set in a college where students go on a trip to a palatial house to have some fun (read sex!). Karishma Sharma’s sexiness and her make out sessions with the lead actor Siddharth Gupta is sort of one of the highlights.

First poster of Ragini MMS 2.2

First poster of Ragini MMS 2.2

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The making out spree of the couple is interrupted by a ghost. The tagline of Ragini MMS Returns is, “they didn’t know it then it was a threesome,” and the trailer hints that the ghost also becomes an active member in it. Karishma’s pleas to the college principal that something is wrong in the precincts of the institution, go unnoticed. She claims of seeing a woman but no one believes her.

Ragini MMS poster, inuth.com

Ragini MMS poster

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The question here is- does Karishma really see a woman as a ghost? A close look at the trailer and one would notice that either the ghost is cross-dressing or is a transgender.

Still from Ragini MMS 3, inuth.com

Still from Ragini MMS 3

Well, we’ll have to wait until September 21 to find out the answer. The show will be aired on app Alt Balaji from the aforementioned date. Let us wait to see if the show lives up to the expectations or not.

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