Watch: This leaked Bigg Boss 10 video is the reality

Ever wondered about how the more than 100 camera set-up inside Bigg Boss house works? Here is a video from the PCR of BB10 house that shows us the reality

Bigg Boss is undoubtedly one of India’s most controversial reality TV shows. A few set of almost famous celebs become part of the show and live under one roof for a few months. This season, however, has remained little boring as compared to the previous ones. Bigg Boss 10 brought in a concept of celebs vs common people in the game this year and it seemed entertaining initially. As it progressed, though, the regular sexist comments by Swami Om and too much of abusiveness and obscene content by Priyanka Jagga paved for disinterest in the show.

One thing that still keeps us hooked to the show is the entire mystery around its packaging. Who’s behind Bigg Boss’s voice? Who are the people keeping a 24×7 tab on the contestants with the camera? An inside Bigg Boss video has been leaked that might help to answer all such questions.

It is a video giving a glimpse of the control room of Endemolshine India. The PCR shows people keeping a strict eye on what’s happening inside the house and also discussing various conversations happening at different corners in the house. You can hear names like Bani, Swami Om, Lopa and Lokesh in the video. This also reflects how well-organised Colors’ PCR is. Also, the video seems to have been shot a few weeks back since Lokesh is no more a part of the show.

Currently, in Bigg Boss, Priyanka Jagga has been shown the door of the house and there’s a Kashmir-inspired luxury budget task going on.

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