Watch: Akshay Kumar speaks out, condemns growing violence against women

Akshay Kumar in his latest video slammed the perpetrators of Bengaluru mass molestation incident. Here's how he took on the people who justified the harassment of women

The horrific Bengaluru mass molestation incident which took place on the New Year’s Eve has created shockwaves across the nation. While people from across several sections of the society have condemned the assault on women, Bollywood too wasn’t lagging in raising its voice on the issue.

After Aamir Khan and other actors condemned the incident, it was Akshay Kumar who took to social media to protest against the gruesome incident. In a video released on Facebook, the Jolly LLB 2 actor said he was ashamed to be a human being after hearing about such incidents. Akshay said:

After seeing all this on TV, I don’t know how you people felt, but I could not control my anger. I am a father to a daughter. But even if I wasn’t, the society which does not respect women does not deserve to be called a community of human beings. Add to this, some people have the audacity to justify the harassment of women on the streets.

Akshay went further to vent his ire against the people indulging in victim-shaming in the entire incident.

Why was the girl wearing short dresses? Why did she step out of her house? Have some shame, folks. Your narrow mindset is at fault. God forbid, what happened in Bengaluru should not happen with the women of your family.

This video of Akshay Kumar has gone incessantly viral on the social media. The 49-year-old actor in stern words has taken on both the molesters and the people who have been defending the accused.

Not only Akshay, but it is the time when we stop remaining mute spectators to such incidents.

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