Uday Chopra's "Dark Humour" Has Twitter Concerned. We Just Hope Our Woke Bro Is Okay

Many have since told him that they are glad that he’s okay

After all of us, collectively, gave up on Uday Chopra’s Bollywood career, he took to Twitter to entertain us.

And before you think, he only tweets nonsense,

…let us remind you that this Chopra isn’t afraid of asking the hard questions, even the bohot hard ones a certain Goswami would never dare to.

From religion:

to existentialism:

He has even spoken up about legalizing and regulating marijuana in our country because of our cultural ties with the herb before clarifying that he doesn’t believe in toking it up himself,

Chopra junior may seem like he’s on hallucinogens, but he talks more sense than most. That is why when he tweeted something about suicide, Twitter was concerned. In a now-deleted tweet, Chopra wrote, “For a few hours I deactivated my Twitter account. It felt as close to death as I could get. Was phenomenal! I think this is a good good option to suicide. I might be doing it permanently soon,” before tweeting again, “Confession: I’m not okay. I am trying but so far I’m failing,” he wrote in another tweet.

He has published an explainer tweet for all those concerned to tell them that he is perfectly fine and it was just his dark sense of humour which no one got,

Now, we don’t know if he meant what he wrote or not, as he claims, but anyone who has had suicidal thoughts knows that it’s not something to joke about. Many have since told him that they are glad that he’s okay and some have even sent him links to articles on depression to read up on.