Top entertainment news at 5 pm, March 2: Adhyayan Suman mocks Kangana Ranaut, Sofia Hayat announces engagement, Pooja Bhatt on her alcoholism

Here is all top entertainment news at 5 pm, March 2. From Sofia Hayat's engagement to Adhayan Suman's cryptic tweet for Kangana Ranaut

After Shekhar Suman, son Adhyayan mocks Kangana Ranaut, calls Rangoon a ‘sinking ship’

Two days back actor Shekhar Suman indirectly took a jibe at Kangana Ranaut and completely blamed her for the film’s debacle. He wrote a really insensitive tweet in which he called her a ‘cocained’ actress and said some really nasty things about her. This tweet didn’t go well with Kangana’s followers and they started trolling both Shekhar and his son Adhyayan on the social media. After which, a miffed Adhyayan posted a message on his Twitter account and attacked Kangana once again, just like his father. Read full article here

Being the daughter of alcoholic makes you four times more susceptible to becoming one: Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt is known to be one of the most talented actresses of her time and is known to speak her mind without the fear of being judged. The actress who is now a successful filmmaker just like her dad Mahesh Bhatt recently revealed it all about her battle with alcoholism and we just can’t stop thanking her enough for it. Read full article here

After turning nun last year, Sofia Hayat announces engagement to a mystery man

Sofia Hayat, who denounced worldly pleasures to become a nun a year ago, has announced her engagement. The model who was also a participant of the reality show Bigg Boss, took to Instagram on Wednesday to make the news public. In the Instagram post, Sofia wrote this is the marriage she had been waiting for all these years. Though Sofia put pictures of her romantic date,  she didn’t reveal the identity of her fiancee. Read full article here