Today In Tone-Deaf AF: Woody Allen Thinks He Should Be The 'Face' Of #MeToo

You, a poster boy of Me Too? That would be a 'hard no', Woody Allen.

When the world of entertainment was coughing up the sexual predators among them by the dozen, there was one name that largely escaped the hashtag. Whereas many of the accused were boycotted or fired in the aftermath of the #MeToo campaign, Woody Allen remained largely untouched and unscathed. The director, who was accused of sexually assaulting his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was just seven years old, has for years enjoyed being feted and celebrated within the film industry. While speaking at an Argentinian news program, Allen was asked about #MeToo and Time’s Up campaigns, and his response has left many on the web gagging.

Turns out, the controversial director whose films can be broadly categorised as either masterpieces or trash, believes that he should be the face of the #MeToo campaign because no actress on his set has ever called him out for inappropriate behaviour.

While talking about the sexual harassment and assault allegations against him, Allen said: “This is something that has been thoroughly looked at 25 years ago by all the authorities and everybody came to the conclusion that it was untrue,” Allen said. “And that was the end and I’ve gone on with my life. For it to come back now, it’s a terrible thing to accuse a person of. I’m a man with a family and my own children. So, of course it’s upsetting.”

It should be noted that the findings of the court remained inconclusive and so Allen was never charged, however the judge observed that Allen’s behaviour towards Dylan was ‘grossly inappropriate’ and shot down his claims that Mia Farrow had ‘coached Dylan or that she acted upon a desire for revenge against him for seducing (their other adopted daughter), Soon-Yi’.

Unlike the widespread outrage and immediate excommunication — from the hit show House of Cards and Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World — that followed after Kevin Spacey was accused of allegedly sexually harassing a minor, Allen was never ostracised or even penalised for the claims against him. It is only after Dylan Farrow questioned the double standards in supported Allen while at the same time talking about Time’s Up have actors like Ellen Page and Timothee Chalamet declared that they regret working with him.

Talking about #MeToo, Allen said that he thinks that trying to bring ‘terrible harassers to justice’ is ‘a good thing. “What bothers me is that I get linked with them. People who have been accused by 20 women, 50 women, 100 women of abuse and abuse and abuse— and I, who was only accused by one woman in a child custody case which was looked at and proven to be untrue, I get lumped in with these people,” he added.

But the Annie Hall director truly took home the bakery with this next bit: “As I say I’m a big advocate of the Me Too movement. I feel when they find people who harass innocent women and men, it’s a good thing that they’re exposing them. But you know I, I should be the poster boy for the Me Too movement. Because I have worked in movies for 50 years. I’ve worked with hundreds of actresses and not a single one—big ones, famous ones, ones starting out—have ever ever suggested any kind of impropriety at all. I’ve always had a wonderful record with them.”

Yes, none of actresses he’s ever worked with have ever accused him of inappropriate behaviour. But a seven-year-old kid who viewed him as a father, did. Does that not count?