Today In Please-Read: Renuka Shahane On Why Sex Workers CANNOT Be Equated With Criminals

Unlike most Twitter tirades, this one ended quite amicably.

Is it in 2019 if some actor/actress we loved when we were kids didn’t say something problematic? Actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthy stirred up a Twitter storm on March 25th after tweeting about a ‘lesson’ she allegedly learnt from her mother as a child:

Her disparaging statements equating criminals with sex workers was, for obvious reasons, met with derision by netizens.

Renuka Shahane, who has lately made it a point to gift us with her unfiltered opinions on pretty everything, stepped into the picture. Instead of attacking Krishnamoorthy, as most on social media tend to do, she respectfully put her point across. Stating that she means no disrespect to Krishnamoorthy’s mother by refuting her ‘lesson’, Shahane nonetheless made it amply clear that comparing criminals with sex worker who are often victims of human trafficking, poverty and abuse, was out of line.

With just a few tweets, Shahane let everyone know exactly why it’s important to “correct the injustice that our traditions have imposed on” sex workers.

Then she followed it up with a few more insight:

Unlike what we’ve experienced with Krishnamoorthy in the past, this time she appreciated the inputs made, thanking Shahane for trying to communicate in a civil manner. And unlike most Twitter tirades, this one ended quite amicably:

We could be wrong, but looks like this cordial-discussion method works quite well IRL.