Uday Chopra's No-Filter Tweets On Karnataka Poll Results Are Lit AF

Such a refreshing change from the usual diplomacy Bollywood adheres to.

On an average day, Uday Chopra’s Twitter feed can easily be confused with erratic American rapper, Kanye West’s. Oscillating between profundity and lunacy, Chopra’s feed is the trove where weird tweets lie.

But every once in a while, Chopra emerges from his self-created bubble of existential humour and irreverence to shock the beejeesus out of us with his observations. Yesterday’s dramatic Karnataka poll results had the entire nation hooked, including the Dhoom star, who took to Twitter to talk about it.

Not one to give in to pressure, Chopra sassed back when trolled:

And then there are also those who have finally realised how much of a genius he is:



To give you a summary of the poll results: BJP has emerged as the single largest party but could muster majority votes, while Congress along with JD(S) have come together in a bid to form government. As per usual practises, the party with the most seats should ideally be invited by the governor to try and prove that they can muster majority. But in case of Goa and Manipur, it was the coalition hustled by the BJP and not the largest party that seized the day. And considering the current governor of Karnataka Vajubhai Vala roots lie in the RSS and BJP, this could easily turn out to be another coup for the Modi-led government.

In case you were wondering, Uday Chopra has moved on from the topic already: