Ain't it time to make 'Karva Chauth' gender neutral?

Youth has a powerful message to share on Karva Chauth

It’s ‘Karva Chauth’ today! The day when the moon is all bright and beautiful. The day when women pray for the longevity of their husbands by fasting for them. On this day, women make sure to eat and drink before sunrise as they go without food and water from sunrise till sunset. Their day-long wait ends only when the moon comes out.

Though the day is associated with many folklores that involve powerful women bringing back their husbands from the dead, its modern interpretation has ventured far way from the confines of the tradition.

Breaking the chains of the patriarchal system, the youth today believes in equality. The society believes that the day signifies love between couples and that both, the girls and the guys should fast on the occasion.

So, here’s what the youth has to say about ‘Karva Chauth’:

Is Karva Chauth relevant to the youth?

Most people believe that the day holds significance, not just in the traditional terms but also in the modern sense. While some believe that youngsters should abstain from fasting as the tradition says the day is meant only for the married couples, others believe that it’s a day of love and should be celebrated with great enthusiasm and gusto.

Who should fast on Karva Chauth – Boys or girls?

The festival has always been marked with the concept of women fasting for the long lives of their husband. It depicts the strong bond and everlasting affection between the married couples. While it has a significance for the married people, the youngsters have diversified opinions regarding the festival.  The married couple firmly believes in the existing and established traditions and they take them seriously, i.e women fasts till the moon’s sighting. However, the ‘gen-x’ or the younger generation is of the opinion that guys and girls should fast for each other. By doing this, they are acknowledging their love for each other. For them, fasting makes their relationship lasts longer. It gives the sense of importance a person has in his/her life.

Karva Chauth the Indian version of Valentine’s Day?

The festival is not just about rituals anymore, for boys and girls, it has become a day where they meet and exchange roses. For some Karva Chauth has become a blend of tradition with modernity.

Cleary the younger lot have a strong viewpoint on one of the most cherished festivals of the country.