Think Saas Bahu Soaps Are Dramatic? Wait Till You See These Mexican Soap Operas

Indian soap operas (and a bunch of reality shows) are the epitome of hyperbole, mainly because these overly dramatic high-on-emotions shows are a fail-safe concept in India. Most of us have some fond memories with saas bahu soaps-

The villain’s entry which was caked with every effect possible:

Characters entering with full fledged 2 min songs:

And of-course, the legendary ‘when you need to extend your essay to reach the length requirement’ type scenes:

You probably know everything about desi daily soaps, the drama, the overacting, horrible effects and the whole shebang. However, if you think they’re the most extra and dramatic thing on the planet, you’re wrong. We’re here to introduce you Mexican telenovelas. Let’s examine a scene from Mexican telenovela ‘María la del Barrio‘:

This kinda drama can make Ekta Kapoor question her life’s work. You don’t have to understand Spanish to enjoy these. *Breathes in* Okay so why does the guy who got stabbed by a pair of scissors look like he was having an incredibly painful orgasm and who the hell bleeds to death after being stabbed by a pair of scissors? Also, why does the lady randomly attack the old lady? It started with a kiss how did it end like this? *grabs popcorn in Spanish*

And then there’s this beautiful scene from Cuidado con el ángel:

She literally rolled around the car doors while the cars moving. And the car was moving at snail speed. How do you get hurt from that? Just move away from the car?

LMAO at that hand-standing. What is this? Mortal Combat?

The guy literally banged his head on the door and the editors were like ‘eh screw it no one’s gonna notice that shit’:

So remember kids, next time when someone accuses Indians soaps of being over the top, you know what to show em! *Slams door dramatically and leaves*