These Carol Singers Will Make Your Christmas Extra Merry

These carollers go door-to-door till late in the night to just share the festive spirit with you

‘Tis the time to spread holiday cheer and as far as Christmas traditions go carolling is one of the easiest ways to spread joy.

But, who are these carollers that go door-to-door till late in the night to just share the festive spirit with you? We spent time with a carol group, which usually visits around 7 to 8 homes in one night.

Ratna Velugu, a 33-year-old dentist from Delhi says, “It’s not just about religion, it’s basically about having faith that good things do happen and good things are there in our lives and we need to incorporate it in our lives and then spread the joy and peace that we have within. That’s the basic idea of carolling. Happiness is infectious, isn’t it? When we start singing, especially with the music, people do join us and we all sing together.”

How does one go carol singing? “It’s very simple,” says Ratna. “You just pick up your phone and call your friend. Anyone interested can join us. There’s no such requirement that you need to be a Christian or you need to be a part of the church or be associated with a church, you just have to be interested and if you want to have just come along,” she explains.

As soon as the carollers reach someone’s home, the reaction to their arrival is usually pure excitement as people greet them with snacks and hot beverages.

“It’s not just about singing, it’s about sharing the joy,” says Prerana Peter, a 27-year-old HR Professional, who has been part of the carolling group since she was in college.