The Devil Inside, The Woman and more -- These top 10 horror movies will give you chills

Remember to not watch these spine-chilling films by yourself. Consider yourself warned.

Halloween may be gone but scary season runs throughout the year. Every day, every minute, it never leaves your side. Here are some the best horror films that will leave you looking over your shoulder, or perhaps above you. And remember, don’t watch them alone. Consider yourself warned.

The ShiningThe Shining Horror Film | Image For

The Shining is an 80’s classic which should be on everyone’s must-watch list. Starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall, the film is based on a book of the same name. The film revolves around a family that heads to an isolated hotel where the father gets influenced by a dark spirit. Back in the day, the film had mixed reviews but now, the film is said to be one of the greatest horror films that were ever made.

The ExorcistThe Exorcist Horror Film | Image For

At some point in their lives, almost everyone has heard of The Exorcist. The movie revolves around a young girl who suddenly starts behaving differently after catching a sickness. As it turns out, she has been possessed by a demonic spirit and her mother must now seek a way to exorcise the demon to save her daughter. The film was released in 1973 and even to this day, remains to be one of the scariest films.

The GrudgeThe Grudge Horror Film | Image For

Featuring a little boy ghost and a mama ghost, the jet black tentacular hair of a Japanese woman still gives us the creeps. The Grudge film series is a remake of a Japanese film (which is even scarier). The film revolves around the story of a few American people who must track down the source of a curse that has haunted them all the way from Japan before the curse takes their lives.

Exorcism of Emily RoseThe Exorcism of Emily Rose Horror Film | Image For

Based on the true story of Anneliese Michel, a German woman who died in 1976, weakened from series of exorcisms after she was possessed. The film beautifully integrates elements of the real world and that of the mystical to justify the death of Emily Rose. Starring Jennifer Carpenter, the film was widely appreciated for its plot and for its scary scenes.

Rosemary’s BabyRosemary's Baby Horror Film | Image For

Another classic film of the horror genre, Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby was released in 1968. It is said to be one of his greatest works till now. Starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes, the films outlines the tale of Rosemary Woodhouse, a housewife, who moves into a new apartment in New York City with her husband. Rosemary soon begins to suspect her husband’s intentions with her baby as she believes that he and the neighbours are plotting to use the child for demonic rituals. Interestingly, it has been rumoured that the actress had actual haunting experiences on the sets of the film.

The ConjuringThe Devil Inside Horror Film | Image For

A new age horror film, The Conjuring set the bar for horror movies in this era. Released in 2013, the films stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson who portray real life demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. The plot of the film tells the story of a family that moves into a new house where they experience hauntings and soon, the mother becomes possessed by a witch.

Case 39Case 39 Horror Film | Image For

Not much of a commercial success but definitely a creepy film. Case 39 outlines the story of a young child as her parents attempt to murder her. When Child Protective Services gain custody of the child, they realise that her parents weren’t the real evil, she is. The film stars Renee Zellweger in the lead role and Jodelle Ferland as the demonic child. Despite being a child, Ferland’s acting in the film is phenomenal.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at NightA Girl Walks Home Alone at Night Horror Film | Image For

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is an American horror film in Persian language which was released in 2014. The film is often termed as “The first Iranian vampire Western” and was also featured at the Sundance Film Festival. The story is set in an Iranian ghost-twon where people remain ignorant of the fact that a vampire walks amongst them, watching their every move.

The Devil InsideThe Devil Inside Horror Film | Image For

I think the image for this film alone does the trick. Directed by William Brent Bell, The Devil Inside is a documentary style film which was released in 2012. The movie revolves around a young woman as she revisits her mother, 20 years after she murdered three people. Unbeknownst to her, her mother is possessed by a demon who refuses to leave. She now needs to battle against evil to save her mother and restore her family.

The WomanThe Woman Horror Film | Image For

The Woman is a 2011 horror film based on a novel of the same name. The movie is not a standalone film and acts as a sequel to the film Offspring. Starring Pollyanna McIntosh, Angela Bettis and Sean Bridgers, the film outlines the story of a feral woman who gets held by a misogynistic man who tortures her. The film takes up the subject of feminism and beautifully integrates it with a horror flick.