'Tere Naam' Is Getting A Sequel Since There Aren't Enough Films About Toxic Relationships

Here's hoping Tere Naam can do no more damage from beyond the grave.

The film responsible for making one of the most atrocious hairstyles on Earth trendy and cool, Tere Naam is about to get a sequel 16 years after the film was released. Terrible hairdos aside, there are plenty of reasons why no one should be celebrating this news that Bhai fans have already started losing their minds over. 

The film which was *almost* directed by Anurag Kashyap (who was kicked out for trying to kick out Khan for not fitting the role of a UP boy) was a glorification of toxic love. It was about a violent, bully called Radhe and a gullible woman called Nirjara, who was so severely traumatised by her Stockholm syndrome that she ended up taking her own life when she couldn’t be with her tormentor. Of course, she died believing she loved him and he survived. The film laid the foundations of what ‘crazy, passionate true love’ looks like… to the Bhai-dom. A phenomenon we’ve been unable to shake off till date.

Can you imagine how differently the story would’ve been treated if Kashyap did indeed get to direct it? Keeping hopes and imaginations aside, the film was eventually directed by Satish Kaushik, who has announced a sequel.

People want Khan back as their “beloved” Radhe bhaiyya as their one, true supreme leader. But nothing is known about the casting yet. Kaushik only revealed, “Yes It’s true, I am making Tere Naam 2 which is a love story. That’s all I can say for now.”

Expecting that the sequel would be any more woke than the original would be delusional, we know. But one can only hope that either the film gets shelved or somehow tanks at the box office because Khan refuses to go back to it; thereby ensuring that every feminists’ nightmare, Tere Naam, can do no more damage.