Without Sunil Grover, here's the TRP rating of Kapil Sharma's show

The TRP rating of The Kapil Sharma Show witnessed a dip after Sunil Grover was not seen in the latest episodes. Here is a detailed report

Neither would have Kapil Sharma thought that his brawl with Sunil Grover would become such a big deal nor would he have deciphered that  The Kapil Sharma Show would face the heat. After Sunil Grover did not appear on the latest episodes of the show, the TRPs dipped drastically. This hints that viewers have rejected the show after Sunil Grover’s absenteeism.

It should also be noted that even presence of renowned comedians like Ehsaan Qureshi, Raju Srivastava and Sunil Pal, on The Kapil Sharma Show didn’t help in the TRPs. Not only the TRPs, the YouTube views of the show too saw a dip. The views on YouTube on 18 March were over 57 lakhs and had 22k likes and 4k dislikes. But the numbers dropped in days that followed.

On 25 March, The Kapil Sharma Show recorded 27 lakh views, 23k likes and 90k dislikes. On 26 March, it got 14 lakh views, 14k likes and 59k dislikes; suggest media reports.

The numbers are definitely alarming and would not Kapil Sharma happy. These dip in TRPs and viewership have made way for many reports in media saying that The Kapil Sharma Show, might be pulled off the air. However, dissing these rumours, a source in the know told Bollywoodlife.com:

The show is not going off-air any time soon. If any further decision is taken, we will inform the media about it and issue a statement. As far as the upcoming episodes are concerned, we do have a bank of some episodes but we are figuring something out for the future episodes

Sunil Grover (Courtesy: Tiwtter/@JanetFe80794262 )

Sunil Grover (Courtesy: Tiwtter/@JanetFe80794262 )

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Parallely, there are other reports that Sunil Grover might never return to the show or that he has signed a project with another channel. Rubbishing these rumours, Sunil told a leading daily:

At present, I am focusing on live shows and nothing else. I am also not talking to any other channel

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However, it must be noted that Sunil did not tell anything about The Kapil Sharma Show. Given how popular his acts as Dr. Mashur Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi have been, it will definitely not be a good news if he doesn’t return to the show.

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