Watch: How Swami Om beat the records of his past indecencies on national TV!

Right when you thought you've seen the last of Swami Om, the infamous baba takes it upon himself to prove you wrong. In a recent interview, Swami Om lost his cool and threw water on the anchors face! Watch the video here-

Indian television is the epitome of melodrama and Swami Om has gone out of his way to prove this!

The notorious Swami Om has been in the limelight ever since he started his stint on Bigg Boss. Right from the contestants to Salman Khan, everyone was troubled by his antics. His cheap and often dim-witted actions weren’t a big treat for the viewers either. When a man of his age entered the show, the audience and contestants hoped that he would bring a sense of maturity to the otherwise reckless show. On the contrary, we all breathed a great sigh of relief when he was kicked out of the show.

From screaming at the top of his voice to urinating on the national television—and proceeding to throw the urine on a fellow contestant—Swami Om has done it all. But right when you think that you’ve seen it all, Swami has kicked it up a notch.

In a recent interview with News World India, he surpassed all of his previous actions and reached a whole new level. When probed about his actions on the show, Swami Om lost his cool and threw a glass of water on the anchor’s face!

The interview began with Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga where Swami insisted Priyanka is like a daughter to him:

Swami was questioned about his stint in the Bigg Boss house and his crass actions. The anchor brought up everything that Swami Om did in the house and he decided to reply by throwing water on the anchor’s face!

Even though the anchor kept his cool and handled the situation graciously, Swami went on ranting about the entire situation:

After seeing the drama unfold, we have new-found respect for all his fellow contestants. The fact that they maintained their cool throughout the show is applaudable!

What are your thoughts on Swami’s meltdown?