Watch: Summer is coming! Game of Thrones unveils season 7 premiere date in new teaser

After having just released a poster, Game of Thrones unveiled the Season 7 summer premiere date in the new teaser trailer.

On Thursday, HBO dropped a poster for the superhit fantasy drama series Game of Thrones Season 7 after keeping their fans in painful anticipation. Later, the same day, the show makers revealed the premiere date for Season 7. Earlier, it was revealed that Game of Thrones will return in summer, a little late this year, as opposed to spring, which is when every season since Season 1 has premiered. So, whether you are House Stark or Lannister or even if you are a Greyjoy (seriously, who the heck would choose to go with the Ironborn?), assemble on July 16, 2017, as dragons return to the realm.

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The Season 7 of Game of Thrones is perhaps one of the most awaited of them all now that the fanbase has vastly expanded and also, since the series is drawing to a close, heralding the big showdown. It was always kinda obvious that the finale would a huge battle between the ghastly White Walkers and Daenerys’ dragons (“A Song of ICE and FIRE”, duh!).

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In the last season, we saw Dany finally hitching a ride across the Narrow Sea to Westeros where some serious shit is about to go down. Cersei Lannister is currently the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, the North is gearing up for a revolution, and the other great houses have picked their sides. There’s also the looming danger of three fiery winged beasts who are ready to engulf the realm in flames at the sound of “Dracarys”.

Speaking of “Dracarys”, to reveal the premiere date, Game of Thrones did a Facebook live where they melted an ice block for every comment that read “FIRE” or “DRACARYS”. The live video ended with a teaser of the upcoming season where the sigils of all the Houses of Westeros were seen as they crumbled to the ground.