Swami Om gets beaten up again, this time for his opinion on triple talaq verdict - Watch video

Swami Om got himself beaten up by an angry mob after he gave his opinion on triple talaq verdict. This is not the first time something like this happened

Swami Om makes news for all the wrong reasons and this time around as well he has lived up to his reputation. This time the self-proclaimed Godman gave his opinion on triple talaq and got beaten up for it by an angry mob. This is not the first time Swami Om got on the wrong foot with the crowd. A few weeks ago he was beaten up by women.

So what did Swam Om did this time? Well, he gave his opinion on the Supreme Court ruling which calls instant triple talaq unconstitutional. He apparently said that the judgment was not fair and it would give women more independence than men. He also pointed out that since it was a matter of Islam, only the religious edicts should have been allowed to take a decision.

As soon as Swami Om blurted out these words, the people standing close to him hurled their hands and feet at him. Not only Swami Om, the man who was with him too got beaten up. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

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Here is the video which is going viral:

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Swami Om has been controversy’s favorite child since he stepped into the Bigg Boss 10 house. His antics on the show irked not only the contestants but also the host Salman Khan. His attention-seeking nature got him in everybody’s bad books. He not only said things which insensitive and hurtful, he also threw his piss on contestants to win the show. This act of his got him thrown out of the house but that did not stop him to grab headlines every now and then. Will you ever learn, Swami Om?

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