Rangeela was imitating Modi ji, not abusing him: Winner of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Sunil Pal

Sunil Pal also said the show is just eliminating good artists

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, which features Akshay Kumar as one of the judges, is attracting a lot of attention lately. After Mallika Dua’s called out Khiladi Kumar’s uncomfortable ‘bell’ remark, the show once again hit the headlines when comedian Shyam Rangeela slammed Star Plus for allegedly removing his video mimicking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and politician Rahul Gandhi.

Popular comedian and actor Sunil Pal, also the winner of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, has come out to support Rangeela. Speaking to a leading daily, Pal said,

They should have aired it. I’m sure even Modi ji would not have had any problem with that. We all have mimicked so many politicians and big actors they have never taken any offence as they also knew that we were doing it in good humour.

They never said a single word to me in fact they liked it to such an extent that they personally came to me and said it was fantastic. Look at Sudesh Bhonsle ji, he used to mimic Amitabh Bachchan ji so well but that doesn’t mean Amitabh ji hates him.

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The comedian further added,

Rangeela was only imitating Modi ji. It’s not like that he was abusing him or saying bad things about him. I don’t understand what’s the big deal in that.

Speaking about the controversy, Rangeela, who was eliminated from the show, had said,

They asked me to prepare a new skit in five days – without mimicking Modi-Rahul. I told them I would not be able to put up a fresh stand-up in such a short time. But I did prepare something and did the shoot. It was not impressive enough as it led to my elimination from the show.

Apparently, the channel, after seeing Rangeela’s viral videos imitating PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi was keen to have him on the show. While other contestants had to give an audition, Shyam did not go through the audition process. He was directly invited by the channel.

The video which the channel reportedly deleted has gone viral on social media.

Check out the video here:

Source Quote–News18

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