SC slaps Rs 10 lakhs fine on Swami Om and his response to this will leave you in splits

Swami Om, the self-proclaimed Godman, had raised objection to the appointment of CJI and he got slapped with a fine of Rs 10 lakhs by the Supreme Court

Swami Om is not new to controversies and recently he was beaten by an angry mob when he gave his opinion on the Triple Talaq verdict. However, this time the self-proclaimed Godman has outdone himself has he raised objection over the appointment of Dipak Mishra as the CJI. Things took an ugly turn for him and he was slapped with a fine of 10 lakhs as the Supreme Court said Swami Om was just trying to fetch publicity. It was said by the court that by filing frivolous petition he had wasted the court’s time.

It is not difficult to disagree with the court that Swami Om did all this for attention. But the way he answered the Bench’s questions, got everyone in the precincts of the court laughing. Right after Chief Justice J S Khehar and Justice D Y Chandra passed the historic judgement on the right to privacy, the matter of Swami Om came to their notice. The petition filed by Swami Om was about the selection of Dipak Mishra as CJI who was recommended last month by J S Khehar to succeed him. As fate would have it, J S Khehar had only one day left in his tenure.

When the bench asked Swami Om why he did not file the petition earlier, the latter said he had been approaching the President and Vice President for over a year. At this, the room erupted into a round of laughter. When the CJI said he didn’t think of it as anything more than a publicity stunt, Swami Om replied, “By the grace of God, I don’t need popularity. I have 50 crore followers all over the world.”

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Bringing the Article 124(C) of the Constitution to establish his case, Swami Om said the next CJI of the country could be appointed without consulting the President. “You can’t take the Supreme Court lightly… This habit is increasing. It has to stop,” the CJI told him. When Swami Om said he was not levelling any charges against anyone, the bench warned him of action if they were not convinced.

When the bench tried to understand Swami Om’s legal knowledge, he said he isn’t a lawyer. Swami Om said he gave religious lectures to earn a living. “I spoke to many lawyers, but they all said they don’t want to get their licence cancelled,” he said. As more and more questions from the judges hit him, Swami Om said, “My mouth is dry, you have scared me so much.”

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At this point when Swami Om claimed that journalists asked him to not go forward with the petition as it would get him in jail, the judges wanted to know how people advised him and whether they came to see him on their own without any invitation? “I was in the Big Boss show. After that, I don’t have to introduce myself,” was Swami Om’s response which was met by another round of laughter.

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As one would expect, his case was not strong enough and his petition was rejected. As the court slapped Rs 10 lakhs fine on Swami Om, he said: “I don’t have even Rs 10, let alone Rs 10 lakh”. The CJI had the best response to this which was, “You have 50 crore followers. You can get Re 1 from each.”


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