Roadies Real Heroes Evicted Contestant Rashmeet Kaur: No One Is A Friend On A Reality Show

Roadies Real Heroes evicted contestant Rashmeet Kaur opens about her journey on the show

On Sunday, Sandeep Singh’s gang member Rashmeet Kaur got evicted from Roadies Real Heroes. The Chandigarh girl had entered the show as a wild card participant.

Post her elimination, Rashmeet spoke exclusively to and opened up about her journey and lessons from the show.

Excerpts from the conversation.

Were you expecting to be voted out from Roadies?

I kind of knew it but I was hoping that it’s not me. It did come as a major disappointment.

Why do you think fellow contestants continued to target you from the time you entered the show?

So when I joined the journey mid-way as a wild-card, I wanted to know everyone and all the perspectives in the game. That was why I was communicating with everyone. But people thought that I was trying to create differences among people. They felt that I was backbiting about them. I tried to reason out but no one believed me. I was helpless. I think I would have had a better chance in the show if I had come on board from the beginning. At least, I wouldn’t have been misunderstood.

Any learnings you are taking back from the show?

I learned how to get ready in five minutes (laughs). Apart from that, I now know that no one is actually a friend in a reality show. Everyone is just planning and plotting. Also, people are quite two-faced and use you as per their convenience.

But did you make any friends?

Yes, Aarushi, Simran, Sohil, Yukti, Gaurav and Nikita. They are good people and I still talk to them.

Do you feel this season gang leaders have picked on a favourite and are trying to only push them ahead?

From the time the concept of gang leaders started, that has been the case. The leaders pick on one favourite. As a contestant, I think that really matters a lot during the course of the show. This season is all about Tara. And not just one, but every gang leader wanted him. Even Neha (Dhupia) ma’am had a soft corner for Milind. She picked him over me during the auction. So that’s how the game is being played.

What’s next for you?

For the last three years, I have been working with YouTube channels as an actor. And now I am planning to start my own channel. I am right now creating content and would soon announce the same. Also, I am trying to get into the commercial space of acting and moving base to Mumbai. I recently also shot a scene for Imtiaz Ali’s next with Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan.

While Rannvijay Singh is seen as the ringmaster of Roadies Real Heroes, Sandeep Singh, Raftaar, Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula and Nikhil Chinapa are the gang leaders.

(By Sana Farzeen)