Roadies Real Hero Milind Chandwani: Being On The Show Helped My Cause

An engineer by profession, Milind started his NGO Camp Diaries and has been actively working towards the education of kids

MTV Roadies Real Heroes saw a shocking twist this weekend. With the show heading into its final leg, Rannvijay Singha announced that out of five, only four gangs would reach the finale. With Milind Chandwani and Sohil Singh losing the task, the two got evicted and Neha, too had to bow out from the competition.

Milind managed to impress all with his clarity of thought, confidence and empathy towards others. An engineer by profession, Milind started his NGO Camp Diaries and has been actively working towards the education of kids.

In an exclusive chat with, the real hero opens up about his Roadies experience, his cause and gang leader Neha Dhupia.

Here are some excerpts from the conversation:

How was your overall Roadies experience?

It was mostly great. I got to interact with some amazing gang leaders. Also, to be able to experience those picturesque locations, attempt the tasks was simply brilliant. What I did not cherish was the politics that happened in the background.


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Dear @rannvijaysingha sir, you’ve been such an inspiration. It’s been an honour to be around a person like you! You made the worst days on the journey(specially the voteouts), a whole lot better(with your puns). 🙂 I wish I got the chance to spend more time with you on the journey(lucky Joker)! 🙂 I’ll always remember the kind words you once told me, “Milind, every day that you stay and perform on the show, you might get some more volunteers and you might be able to impact that many more kids. So keep trying. After all, you’re my social service.” The way you remembered every little thing about my video(during the interview), to the way you put the band on my arm, to the love, respect and support that you showered me with throughout the journey, all these things made this journey a lot more special. Not just that, you keep asking me every now and then about my work, my NGO and how you can help, it truly means a lot. It might be a small gesture for you, but this support makes me a lot more confident in this journey of Social work. Thanks for being there, big brother! 🙂 You were right, we’re expanding our work massively to reach thousands of more underprivileged children in over 15 cities now because of the reach that the show gave me. 🙂 To everyone wondering if I’ll post the last episode’s review – I might do that later. Currently, I’m filled with gratitude for the show, the gang leaders, the contestants, the crew and everyone I met there, so my next few posts might just be about gratitude and love. I hope you cherish these posts just as much. 🙂 Love, Milind #mtvroadiesrealheroes #mtv #mtvroadies #Rannvijaysingha

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How did the show come your way?

A few years ago, I used to watch Roadies and wanted to be there but never took it seriously. I got busy with my studies and during that time I also got involved with Teach for India, since I wanted to make a difference in society. After I quit my job as the principal of a school, I was travelling and chanced upon my ‘others’ folder on Facebook. The production team of Roadies had messaged me about the new theme of the show and offered me to join them. Now, a social worker and Roadies, just don’t go hand in hand but they managed to convince me and helped me understand how my presence would only help my cause.

So did it eventually help you in any way?

Most certainly. We released the volunteer forms recently and received a humungous response. From four cities, I have managed to expand my services to 14 other places. It’s just the start and I hope we can expand to more cities.

As you mentioned that social service and Roadies are different worlds altogether, how challenging was it to fit in?

I admit I was not in my best shape but I could finish most of the tasks above average. As for the brain tasks, I was the go-to person in the team. What was difficult was definitely all the games that people indulged in. Thankfully, I had Neha Dhupia, who always backed me and stood up for me. Even Rannvijay Singha helped me whenever I felt low.


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Dear Volunteer Family OR, as we love to call you, CAMPIONS! This is a heartfelt gratitude from us and the children for going over and beyond your duty and making a beautiful difference in hundreds of lives! If it weren’t for you, not many children would’ve learnt their passions. So, today, share this video with the world as a BADGE OF HONOUR , and share your favourite story at the camps in the “tagline/caption”! Let the world know why you were crazy enough to give your precious time to these kids! Urge your near and dear ones to SIGN UP and DONATE at our website ” ” For, we are because you are. Make sure you add these 2 hashtags so that we can find your post quickly!! #CampDiaries #BeAHagrid I love you all 2999! 😀 Milind Follow our work – @campdiaries @rannvijaysingha @nehadhupia @nikhilchinapa @princenarula @raftaarmusic @sandeep_rebirth @mtvroadies @mtvindia @voot @roadies.realheroes @roadies.real.heros #BeginningOfHashtags #BeAHagrid #campdiaries #milindchandwani #socialwork #bethechange #happykids #blindTrust #overwhelmed #grateful #positivity #volunteer #compassionforall #empathy #roadies #roadiesrealheroes #voot #mtvroadies #hyderabad #hyderabaddiaries #EndOfDamnHastags

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While you were there for a reason, did you also want to win the show?

I definitely wanted to win for the kids I work with. Some of the tasks were medically not suitable for me but I did them with all my heart because I knew the longer I could stay, the more kids I could reach. Roadies was never supposed to happen so it was all a bonus for me. Also, the time I got to spent with the gang leaders and was really a fun and learning experience.

While Rannvijay Singha is the ringmaster, Roadies Real Heroes has Neha Dhupia, Raftaar, Prince Narula, Sandeep Singh and Nikhil Chinapa as gang leaders.

(By Sana Farzeen)