Does Kapil Sharma talk about Sunil Grover? Raju Srivastava reveals unknown side of bitter battle

Kapil Sharma's fight with Sunil Grover has kept tabloids busy for quite some time. Now Raju Srivastava has revealed explosive details about it

Kapil Sharma’s fight with co-comedian and friend Sunil Grover has been talked about a lot. The spat took a toll on The Kapil Sharma Show as the TRP ratings dipped drastically. To cope up with this loss, Kapil Sharma roped in another ace comedian Raju Srivastava on the show. Raju has now revealed few details about his conversation with Kapil regarding Sunil’s fight and it is different from what you’d expect.

While speaking to a leading daily, Raju said Kapil joked about his fight with Sunil. Raju added that Kapil claimed that once Sunil and he would sit down with drinks, everything would be fine. Raju said Kapil has been trying really hard to iron out the differences but Sunil is in no mood to get back as friends.

Raju added he wanted the comedians to get back together and even became the peacemaker for it. But, whenever Raju spoke to Sunil he chose to not speak about it. Either Sunil said he was travelling or told Raju he would talk to him soon.

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Speaking about his arrival on The Kapil Sharma Show, Raju said initially he was supposed to shoot for only one episode. But after the episode was shot, Kapil told Raju he had a script for him. Raju told the leading daily:

So, I am going to shoot today as well. In fact, talks are already done for the next one. I am working on the show and it is for a long haul. I have my own style and my own audience. Makers are planning to create a character for me like there are for other artistes on the show. Whenever they will want me, I will come on the show.

Raju Srivastav onthe sets on The Kapil Sharma Show

Raju Srivastav on the sets on The Kapil Sharma Show

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Raju Srivastava added that Kapil was like a younger brother to him and he would happily appear on the show whenever needed. With Raju hinting he would be a constant on Kapil’s show, the question is- Will Sunil ever return? Only time has the answer.

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