MTV Troll Police: Remind Me Again Why This Show Exists ?

While the idea of hitting back at trolls is amazing, the show is so painfully staged that it makes it impossible to watch it without cringing

With the hundreds and thousands of shows available both online and offline, if you choose to watch MTV Troll Police, what’s wrong with you fam?

While the idea of hitting back at trolls and teaching them social media etiquette is amazing, the show is so painfully staged that it is near impossible to sit through it without cringing. What could’ve been a pretty decent show, is just a Goddamn curry of drama, over-acting and some hilariously bad scripts.

Here’s the basic plot- A celeb walks in and talks about how they face trolling. Then the host proceeds to identify a ‘serial troller’ who is then stalked IRL and is ‘misled’ into believing he will be featured on an MTV show. He is then forced into talking to the celeb and telling them why they’ve trolled them.

As bizarre as the whole ‘kidnapping’ premise sounds, celebrities like Taapsee Pannu, Hard Kaur, Priyank Sharma and others have participated in this show.

If you think we’re exaggerating, please take note-

In one episode, we are told: “Humne complicated Twitter analytics aur social engineering se uski (troll’s) saari information nikal li” 

WTF DOES THAT MEAN? Explain this shiz, MTV.

Then they ‘follow’ the person they believe is a social media troll

No seriously, this is ‘hidden camera footage’.

If this is truly not scripted, can someone inform them that ‘in real life’, filming someone without their knowledge can get them dragged to court? But who’re we kidding? Of course this is scripted.

Things just rapidly go (even more) downhill from here on. After the ‘troll’ has been stalked and ‘kidnapped’, they are brought face-to-face with the celebrity they’ve abused.

What is this? Emotional Atyachaar celebrity version? Are we in 2010 again?

And then, there’s the confrontation. Like the troll and the person they’d trolled sit across each other… and abuse as per their hearts desire.   

What is this show? Sasta Roadies?

How about having an actual discussion about the perils of misusing social media? In the seven episodes that have aired so far, melodrama and exaggerated stories have been the focus. Talking about how cyber bullying affects people has taken such a far-flung backseat it’s not even in the vicinity. We can’t explaining how god awful some of the storylines are (one episodes legit had a story of how a boy was bitter because his mom passed away which is why he was being passive aggressive all over an actress’ timeline. They go on to explain to him why he is disrespecting his dead mother.)

We expected better, MTV. Don’t really know why, but we did. Now if you’d excuse us we’ve got some hidden camera footage to review.