MTV Roadies Rising: This contestant from Prince Narula's team was asked to quit the show because he sexually harassed female participants

MTV Roadies Rising's girls faced sexual harassment on the show, judges including Rannvijay Singh, Neha Dhupia ask Jibran Firdous Dar to leave the show

MTV Roadies is the much-talked reality show among the youth and has a huge fan following. As people love to watch each and every episode of the show, this little update of the latest edition Roadies Rising will leave you in shock. As per a report to a leading daily, a contestant on the show Jibran Firdous Dar was asked to leave the stage of the reality show after few female participants claimed he sexually harassed them.

As per a report, Jibran Firdous Dar from Prince Narula’s team sexually harassed the female participants of the show. Reportedly, the first one who came out in open to address the issue was a contestant from actress Neha Dhupia’s team. It is being reported that Jibran entered in her room without her permission when she was changing her clothes.

Another female participant from the show, reportedly revealed that Jibran told her if her outfit would have been 2 inches shorter, it would have been more fun. Another contestant from Ravijay’s team shared her experience and said that Jibran smelled her and said that her perfume is distracting him. After all this, the mentors including Rannvijay Singh, Neha Dhupia lost their cool and decided to eliminate Jibran Firdous Dar from the show.

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Rannvijay said, “You don’t have the right to enter a girl’s tent without her permission. If your sister is changing and a guy meets her for the first time and does the same without permission, how would you react?” a video shared on the official handle of MTV Roadies, catch him as saying.  Check out the full video here:

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When Jibran received such negative reactions from the judges, he pretended to faint, however, his act failed to catch mentors attention and they finally decided to ask him to leave the show at that very moment.

(Source- DNA)


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