Kapil Sharma's show will not air this Sunday to make way for Sunil Grover

The Kapil Sharma Show will not air this Sunday but you will see Sunil Grover. Wondering why? Here are all the details about this

The TRP rating of Kapil Sharma’s ambitious show The Kapil Sharma Show hit an all-time low in the recent episodes. Obviously, the reason for this dip was the absence of Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar on the show. Now, a new piece of information confirms that The Kapil Sharma Show would not air this Sunday. This is obviously something which will not make makers of the show happy.

But, before you to jump to conclusions that the show is not being aired because of dipping TRP ratings, let us clear the air for you. The Kapil Sharma Show will not air because of the grand finale of Indian Idol 9. The finale of the reality show might stretch over the time allotted and it is a common norm of channels to accommodate it by cancelling regular shows.

However, there is no official statement on this till now.

It should be noted that on this episode, Sunil Grover would be seen as Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi on it.

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Post the team returned from Australia, things have been different. Kapil’s alleged misbehaviour with Sunil Grover on a flight to Mumbai raised many questions about his stardom. Social media was abuzz after the entire controversy and clear lines were drawn. Sadly, Kapil Sharma didn’t have a lot of people on his side and everyone agreed with Sunil Grover.

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Sunil Grover broke his silence in the matter with his tweet. He asked Kapil Sharma to stop behaving like God. Sunil also added Kapil made him realise that the show was essentially his and he could throw out anyone anytime. Recently, when Sunil Grover was asked about his plans of returning to The Kapil Sharma Show, he chose to stay quiet. He said he wouldn’t say anything as of now and would tell people when things are finalised.

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