'Jesus' is gay: The Walking Dead's latest LGBT character is making headlines

Now, now, Christians... Steady your pitchforks. It's the CHARACTER Jesus from The Walking Dead that is a homosexual.

Jesus has finally come out as gay! Now, now, Christians… Steady your pitchforks. It’s the CHARACTER Jesus from The Walking Dead that is a homosexual. The character of Paul Rovia, who is better known as Jesus, was introduced in the show’s last season. Over time, Jesus became one of the more chief characters on the show and is now also a fan-favourite.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a teary-eyed, over-the-top, super dramatic coming out. In the last episode of The Walking Dead, The Other Side, Jesus shared an intimate (plutonic) moment with Maggie. During their conversation, Jesus talks about life before the world went to shit. He speaks to Maggie about how he has always had trouble connecting with people. Since he grew up in a group home, he had never had the feeling of belonging to a place before. He mentions being distant from the people around him including “neighbours, friends, boyfriends…”

Jesus Tom Payne The Walking Dead

Not that fans did not see this coming. Jesus is a homosexual in the comics as well, on which the show is based. But given the controversial nature of the character’s name and how the show has diverted from the comics, his sexuality was always put into question.

And now that everything is finally out in the open, Jesus/Daryl shippers are going crazier than Destiel shippers did after the Supernatural season 12 premiere.

Jesus is not the first LGBT character to be featured on The Walking Dead. Previously, Aaron (Ross Marquand) and his boyfriend Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson) shared a kissing scene on the show. Heck, the show even added a lesbian couple- Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Denise (Merritt Wever). Sadly, Denise had an arrow run through her head so, I guess that’s over.

Fans are super excited with the sweet, rainbow-coloured revelation; more so because it pisses off Christians.