I think about sex 40 times a day: Splitsvilla X contestant Priyank Sharma reveals his wildest fantasies

Priyank Sharma, the famous contestant of Splitsvilla X revealed a lot about his fantasies. The show is hosted by Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh

The tenth season of popular reality TV show Splitsvilla is currently aired on MTV. Hosted by Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh, the tagline of this season is ‘Catch your Match’. Just like the hosts of this show, the contestants too have a fan following. There are many youngsters who tune into Splitsvilla X, to see how their favourite participants are performing. One of the contestants who has got a lot of of attention is Priyank Sharma.

Hailing from Delhi, Priyank won hearts in the villa from the first day itself. On his first date, he established a connection with Divya and since then the two have been going strong in the game. Though, the Oracle- a program which decides if people are compatible to each other or not, did not call Priyank and Divya ‘an ideal match’, the two seem inseparable on the show.

Priyank and Divya in Splitsvilla X (Courtesy: Instagram/@mtvsplitsvilla)

Priyank and Divya in Splitsvilla X (Courtesy: Instagram/@mtvsplitsvilla)

However, Divya is not the only one who has eyes for Priyank. Over the course of episodes, it has become evident that another contestant Nibedita is also interested in Priyank Whenever Nibedita gets a chance to perform a task with Priyank, she thinks of it as a signal of the universe trying to make them a couple. Though there is still a long way to go to decide who will win the show, Priyank revealed certain ‘things’ about him  in a rapid fire round and the answers sort of bemused us.

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Priyank, Divya and Nibedita in Splitsvilla X (Courtesy: Instagram/@mtvsplitsvilla)

Priyank, Divya and Nibedita in Splitsvilla X (Courtesy: Instagram/@mtvsplitsvilla)

From what his idea of perfect kiss is, to his wild fantasies, Priyank spoke about every’thing’. Check it out:

1. Are you a virgin?

We live in the 21st century and I was 21 years old when I lost my virginity.

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2. What do you think about sex?

Fun and satisfaction.

3. Are you kinky? How kinky can you get?

I am quite kinky to an extent. I can cross the limits.

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4. How many times do you think about sex?

In a day, more than 40 times or maybe much much more.

5. Where do you want to have sex?

Shower is the one place that defines kinkiness.

6. Weirdest place you have had sex?

In a car in the mall parking.

7. Would you do it in a plane?

It’s too uncomfortable for me.

8. Best way to kiss?

Go slow with the flow and then hard.

9. Would you like a threesome?

No, I want to be alone with my partner.

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