Game of Thrones season 7: Mind blowing fan theories which are likely to come true

Game of Thrones season 7 took ages to arrive and now that it is nearly here, it's only getting harder to not lose one's shit.

Winter is here! Game of Thrones is about to return in just a matter of a few days and fans can hardly contain their excitement. In the last season, we saw different Houses of Westeros gearing up for the big battle for the Iron Throne. With Cersei of House Lannister at the heart of King’s Landing and Daenerys Targaryen approaching from the east to assert her claim to the Seven Kingdoms. Who knows who will win? But, we have been watching these characters for six years. We’re familiar with their weaknesses, their strengths, and their games.

Game of Thrones season 7 took ages to arrive and now that it is nearly here, it’s only getting harder to not lose one’s shit. So, fans (including me) do what we must to appease themselves, the thing they do best- speculate. While there are mere theories floating around, Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister, has confirmed that it is “all out there.” That’s right, one of those theories tells you exactly how things are about to go down in season 7 so, we hand-picked a few which actually make sense and are hence, viable.


1. There’s temporary friction between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow

It has already been confirmed that Jon and Dany are going to meet. However, they are not going to get along really well at first. Apparently, Daenerys will summon Jon upon her arrival at Dragonstone. Jon obliges and Dany insists that he “bend the knee.” But, he’s the freaking King In The North! His defiance earns Dany’s respect but will not be reciprocated since she, being herself, is a bit dismissive of the impending White Walker threat.

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To make things worse, Daenerys starts to show her innate Targaryen thirst for power as she torches a few Lords of Westeros, including Sam’s father and brother. This not only irks Jon but, Tyrion as well. But, perhaps not all is lost because it is also being said that Jon and Dany have sex “for the first time” (will there be several such times?) on a boat headed North.

2. There will be differences between Jon and Sansa over Winterfell

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While Jon is at Dragonstone, he leaves Sansa Stark in-charge as Lady of Winterfell. The season 6 finale hinted at some conflicts regarding power in the North, with Sansa being a girl and Jon being a bastard (at least, that’s what people believe). Sophie Turner has herself stated that Sansa will turn out to be “unlikeable” because she “finally has this power.” It is being said, that Jon and Sansa will continue to debate over how things should be handled in the North regarding the Houses who betrayed the Starks in the “Battle of the Bastards.”

3. Jorah reunites with Daenerys


These two have been on and off more times than Ross and Rachel. Hopefully, this is the last time Daenerys and Jorah ever do that because it is just too many feels. A theory suggests that Jorah will reunite with his Queen at Dragonstone. His Greyscale? Apparently, Ser Mormont will meet Sam in Oldtown where they will put their heads together to find a cure.

4. “You’re a Targaryen, Jon.”


Now with a vast collection of knowledge at his disposal, Sam is more useful than ever. It has been said that he and Bran will together figure out that Jon is a legit Targaryen whose name is “Aegon” (not “Jaehaerys”). Jon’s Targaryen lineage will probably become obvious to Dany as he will warm up to Drogon pretty quickly. Likely, in episode 4/5, Jon will pet Drogon and the dragon wouldn’t burn him to a crisp, which takes Dany by surprise.

5. Starks, assemble!


After season 1, we haven’t seen the all in the same frame (’cause most of them are dead anyway). This season, the waiting ends, as it has been hinted at that Arya and Bran are at Winterfell, if a certain raven received by Jon is to be believed. That means two things- Bran crossed the wall (probably allowing the White Walkers to come through as well because of the mark and all) and, Littlefinger is about to die ’cause…

According to the theory, Arya will also be reunited with her direwolf Nymeria on the way Winterfell.

6. The Return of the Baratheon

This is pretty much confirmed as actor Joe Dempsie was there at the premiere and, you know, the official Instagram account of Game of Thrones posted a photo of Joe as Gendry. So, yay, House Baratheon… We still want you to lose!

7. Euron Greyjoy’s the new evil dude


Before season 6, Euron was nothing. In season 7 of Game of Thrones, he’s about to become one of the big players. Apparently, he will defeat manage to defeat Yara’s fleet and will take her prisoner. He will also annihilate the Sand Snakes upon joining hands with Cersei, killing two of them and making Ellaria Sand watch as Tyene gets poisoned to death.

8. The Tyrells are about to go extinct


When the Lannister army arrives at Highgarden, they successfully manage to sack the Kingdom. Olenna Tyrell, now at the mercy of Jaime Lannister, confesses to killing Joffrey and then drinks poison.

9. A meeting between the Lords of Westeros

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With Daenerys at their doorstep, every relevant person in the Seven Kingdoms joins for an important meeting at Dragonpit. As per claims, it is here, that Jon will reveal the reality of White Walkers by bringing one with him. At first, Cersei extends her assistance but later backs out saying that the wights will help her win the battle by killing her foes. Jaime isn’t too happy about this and abandons his sister to ride North.

10. House Targaryen- 1. House Lannister- 0.

With a vast army at her disposal, Daenerys charges towards King’s Landing. The Lannister army is dwarfed and defeated despite the Lannisters having a “giant anti-dragon spear gun” which was created by Qyburn. Hopefully, Dany doesn’t just rain fire over the lands, killing anyone and everyone in King’s Landing.

11. Bye-bye, Viserion. Hello, White Walker dragon…

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To prove that the White Walker threat is real, Jon borrows Viserion to take him to the North and gets him killed by the Night King. Viserion is then raised as one of the White Walkers and will be used as the Night King’s mount. An undead dragon who breathes fire and everything leading an army of undead people… sure!

We can win this, right?

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